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Well before you were born, the world ended. While there is no one thing that signified the end of days, archivists agree that the "Year the World Ended" was 2324. Disease, wars, and natural disasters destroyed civilization as we know it, driving people into tunnels and underground bunkers. Most of these pocket cities fell apart due to illness and infighting, leaving only a few dozen remnants of humanity left.


The greatest scientific minds of the early 25th century formed the Substitution Initiative. Substitution technology allows a mind to be uploaded into a quantum computer and sent back in time to permanently override an individual's mind in the past.

To stay under the radar, Substitutes inhabit the bodies of people that had a low impact on the world. They receive text messages from the future via the same quantum computer that transported them. These texts contain their orders, which are missions to carry out that will ideally change the timeline enough to save the future.


Leave your present, travel to the past, save their future.

What's Included?

  • Full rulebook PDF, Spreads (best for computer monitors)
  • Full rulebook PDF, Pages (best for phone or tablet viewing)
  • Full rulebook as a text-only PDF, Pages
  • Character sheet PDF
  • Character sheet PNG (available on the sidebar)
  • Gone Rogue Adventure Frame PDF

Content Warning(s): apocalyptic themes, violence, possession, betrayal

Supplies Needed: a set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20), pencils, and these rules

Game Length: 2-3 hours

Third Party Supplements

Check out Breathless Snapshots, a collection of Adventure Frames for various Breathless Games, including two for Substitution!

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This Game is Breathless

Substitution is a Breathless game about performing critical missions to save the world from itself.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Substitution 2.1 (Spreads) PDF 25 MB
Substitution 2.1 (Pages) PDF 25 MB
Substitution Character Sheet PDF 3 MB
Substitution 2.1 (Pages, Text Only) PDF 1 MB
Gone Rogue Adventure Frame.pdf 200 kB

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I like the way your game is put together, but one thing is confusing me - Stunts are never defined anywhere? Even in the breathless SRD unless I'm missing something...

I get the idea that they're a 'moment of cool', but are they defined at the start of play as Your Stunt is X, or can it be a different...maneuver each time you refresh?

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Also, am I reading correctly that in your first mission your ONLY loadout is your vocational item? (unless you Rummage?)


Yes, this is correct; when you begin your first mission, you'll only have your vocational item. You definitely can Rummage right away though!


Thank you for the question!

Stunts are meant to be undefined - they're not a specific action you can take. Instead, during the game, you can check off your stunt box to roll a d12 instead of whatever die you'd normally use.

So it's not so much "I am a stunt driver so I can use a d12 to do a sick maneuver", but it's "I'm driving a car and my other skills have worn down, and I really need to get away, so I'm going to check off my Stunt to get a d12 on this roll".

So essentially it can be different every time you use it.

Does that help clear it up? If not, I'd be happy to try to make it less confusing. I appreciate you asking!


yes that helps. I was trying to think of them more like Stunts in FATE, but that makes sense given the lack of a space to define them on the character sheet.

thanks again!

Ooh yeah that makes sense! I'm glad I could help :) Thank you again for your interest, it means a lot!


this game was so fun! usually time travel games are hard, but Harper explained how all the paradoxes work in this universe and it made for some really fun dramatic turns. I also like that there's a set crew of 5 and everyone has a specific job, it seems like it really helps each person focus on their thing without much overlap and lead to some really cool moments.

Thank you! I love time travel and I love the paradoxes and wild happenings so I put a lot of thought into it haha. This means a lot! Thank you so much.