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Substitution 2nd Edition is out now!

Expanded lore and timeline; Brand new mechanics like vocation gear, upgrading your headquarters, and Taking Cover in combat; More random tables to help you build out your world! Check out the changelog.


Well before you were born, the world ended. While there is no one thing that signified the end of days, archivists agree that the "Year the World Ended" was 2324. Disease, wars, and natural disasters destroyed civilization as we know it, driving people into tunnels and underground bunkers. Most of these pocket cities fell apart due to illness and infighting, leaving only a few dozen remnants of humanity left.


The greatest scientific minds of the early 25th century formed the Substitution Initiative. Substitution technology allows a mind to be uploaded into a quantum computer and sent back in time to permanently override an individual's mind in the past.

To stay under the radar, Substitutes inhabit the bodies of people that had a low impact on the world. They receive text messages from the future via the same quantum computer that transported them. These texts contain their orders, which are missions to carry out that will ideally change the timeline enough to save the future.


Leave your present, travel to the past, save their future.

Third Party Supplements

Check out Breathless Snapshots, a collection of Adventure Frames for various Breathless Games, including two for Substitution!

Substitution is a Breathless game about performing critical missions to save the world from itself.

Content Warning(s): apocalyptic themes, violence, possession, betrayal

Supplies Needed: a set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20), pencils, and these rules

Game Length: 2-3 hours


Get this game and 5 more for $11.50 USD
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On Sale!
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$4.00 $2.00 USD or more

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