INDIEcember, and v2.1 Changelog


  • "Checks" reduction rules have been changed. They now read, "Everyone who rolled reduces the rating of the skill they used by one die step".
    • This line previously read, "Everyone who rolled 4 or less reduces the rating of the skill they used by one die step".
  • "Starting Loadout" rule about selecting items from your locker has been reworded for clarification. It now says, "You may also pick up to 2 items from your locker, if you have any from previous missions."
    • The line previously read, "You may also pick up to 2 items from your locker."

Musings of a Chubby Crow

I had the absolute honor and pleasure of running Substitution LIVE ON STREAM with the Ladies of DND over on Twitch, and it was fantastic! The players were stellar, and we really got to do some deep roleplaying. They dove into the lore, and I'm ever grateful for how much fun they had, and thus made me have. You can find the session on their twitch page; click here to see it!

I'm also grateful for the chance to run the game for people I'd never met, in an unfamiliar environment, as it let me test the mechanics out in a new way. Which led me to realize that the way I had changed the core Breathless system was unnecessary, and slowed the game down a bit, removed some of the edge-of-your-seat nature of the game.

Thus, there is only one change in this update, but it is an important one. (okay there's actually two, but the second one was just a rules clarification)


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Dec 08, 2022
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Dec 08, 2022

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