HQ Improvements - Full Rules!

Substitution 2.0 is nearing completion, and one of the new features that I personally am most excited about is the Headquarters Improvements! Instead of offering just one or two bits of info, I'm presenting the full HQ Improvements rules here. There are some terms that reference the full rules, but it should all make sense anyway.

So without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, let's talk about ...

Improving Headquarters

A Substitute team's HQ is their base of operations, a haven in an unfamiliar timeline. HQ gives Substitutes a place to lay low, stay safe, and gather to discuss missions. Improvements benefit every member of the team.

At the start of the game, the team selects one improvement for their HQ. The Leader can make a choice if the team can't decide.

By default, HQ improvements are granted every 2-5 missions, depending on how long your game will be running. Directors, use your best judgment.

Each improvement can only be selected once, unless otherwise stated.

Extra Storage: +1 locker slot.

☐☐ Gym: +1 stress box per rank.

Kitchen: +1 starting momentum.

Rec Room: Remove 1 additional stress when resting up.

Secure Cell: A safe and secure place to keep a prisoner, or a ward.

☐☐ Security System: Counts as a d10 item that HQ owns. Roll if somebody attempts to break in or hack your data. Improve to d12 with a second rank.

Stockroom: You may re-roll a rummage check once.

☐☐ Supercomputer: +1/rank to rolls when using the computer to hack or research.

☐ Workbench: Reset one of your items to its starting value at the start of a mission.

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