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What is this?

Therefore iAm is a roleplaying game set in the nearish future about artificially intelligent robots, or “automatons”, gaining sentience and seeking freedom. The story takes place over three acts, with each act encompassing not only its own tone, but also its own mechanics. 

Character creation is worked directly into the story, meaning your character is always evolving through the acts.

(Note: While this game tackles the subject of artificial intelligence, no artificial intelligence was used in the creation of this game. All art and writing is human-made.)

Identity Tracker

Therefore iAm features the Identity Tracker, inspired by Rise of the Apes' "STRENGTH Tracker", but focused on the robots' growing sense of self rather than their communal strength.

What's Included?

  • The full rulebook laid out in individual pages
  • The full rulebook laid out in spreads (side-by-side pages)
  • The character sheet as a PDF file
  • The character sheet as a PNG file

Content Warning(s): servitude, denial of rights, oppressed class, dehumanization, oppressive corporations, violence, police violence*, bodily harm, war, uncanny valley, blood 

Supplies Needed: one or more six-sided dice (more is better), pencils, and these rules 

Game Length: 2-3 hours, 3+ sessions

* Page 3 contains a brief discussion of cops as antagonists and how to leave them out if you don't want cops in your game at all.

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Made to Rise

This game was made for the RISE Jam using the RISE system originally seen in the phenomenally thematic Rise of the Apes.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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