A New Game in the Heartland Collection!

If you haven't seen it already, I'm working on a new game set in the same setting as Mectors.

Minted in Blood takes place approximately 100 years before Mectors, during the Trade Wars. Yep, the very Trade Wars that ended up leaving a bunch of decommissioned mechs all over the place, those same mechs that got turned into Mectors!

While Mectors is a wholesome and pastoral game about life in the Heartland, Minted in Blood is about a much rougher time, and as such is a bit grittier, a bit more violent. It's still about hope, and rising above challenges for the better of your community, but instead of just wayward spirits and failing crops, there are capitalist armies coming to occupy your town, violently if necessary.

You'll play as a skilled Engineer, a strong willed Magiturge, a scrappy Scoundrel, a strong Soldier, or any of the 16 classes available to take stop the Provincial Trade Coalition from forcing their currency on the Heartland Valley.

There are two devlog posts with class teasers and a map preview over there, so go check it out!

Class and Map Previews
Four more classes, and another map update

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