Mectors 2.0 In Progress

Mectors was originally published in March of 2022. At that time, I had only been designing games for a couple of months. Since then, nearly a year and a half later, I have learned a lot. I have published many other games of various sizes, and I've worked not only with Charge more since then, but I've also worked with many other systems and SRDs. I've also gone from using Google Docs, to Canva, and finally to Affinity Publisher.

To say that I've improved since the beginning of 2022 is an understatement.

This started with a simple idea; to update Mectors from a Google Doc to an Affinity Publisher file, to make it a bit cleaner and easier to edit and update if needed. As I started transcribing information from the doc to the Publisher file, however, I realized that (and I say this with all the self-kindness in my heart), Mectors is very clearly written by a novice designer

While I stand by the system and the rules themselves, they aren't written in the most clear way, there's often redundant sentences, and there are lots of places where the text can be cleaned up significantly. Beyond that, Dash was released which offers up a much cleaner version of the Charge rules.

AND FINALLY, the world of Mectors has expanded greatly since originally writing it. I started working on Minted in Blood (which is still in progress - it's a large project!), and I published GSXX and The City Ethereal. All three games are set in the same world as Mectors, and all three games included their own pieces of lore that built on the overall setting. A lot of information in Mectors has been refined and is no longer relevant or accurate. This doesn't affect Mectors itself, but it does mean that the current information doesn't fit neatly into the wider setting.

So, with ALL OF THAT BEING SAID, my simple idea of "I'm gonna transcribe Mectors into Affinity" has turned into "Mectors needs a second edition". I'll update the devlog as I work, and hopefully the second edition will be out soon(TM)!

Thanks to anyone who made it this far.

- Harper

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Congrats on continuing to grow as a game designer! I'm just now starting to look at a similar shift from Canva to Affinity...

Thank you so much!

I'm loving Affinity so much. It's better than Canva in almost every conceivable way, with one exception; it's definitely less intuitive. The tools available are vast and much more powerful, but I have to do a lot of YouTube and Google searching to figure things out. But I've enjoyed learning to use it.