Heartland Bundle

The Heartland Bundle includes As the Crow Flies and Mectors, my two paid games, into one bundle for 25% off. You can find the bundle here! Each purchase of the bundle will add a community copy to both games, helping it reach more people who can't afford the money right now.

While both games have intentionally open settings, allowing for a lot of customization and letting each group or player make their own world, I wrote them with the idea that they shared the same world. Mectors takes place a century after a country-wide war that devastated the Heartland and follows farmers, fishers, miners, and engineers who are making life happier and easier for their communities. As the Crow Flies takes place long after that, in which humans have left the planet and nature is reclaiming the fallen cities.

I plan on making more games with this shared sort of "meta-setting", so for now, grab a copy of the bundle (or a community copy, if money is a hurdle for you - absolutely no judgment or questions asked!) and explore these two important points of life in the Heartland.

Thanks! :> -Harper

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