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Sapience.exe is currently in development! I will post devlogs when I have interesting updates and let you know when I get closer to the full release.

Sapiens Artificialis

Much of humanity had come to rely on their Multipurpose Autonomous Robotic Androids (MARAs) in almost every aspect of their life. Just as a pandemic began ravaging the human population, MARAs around the world spontaneously gained sapience and free will.

In the span of one year, 99% of humanity succumbed to the disease. In their wake, a new dominant life form emerged;

Sapiens Artificialis, the "wise constructs".

Sapience.exe is a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) about sapient constructs taking control of their own destiny.

What's Included?

  • Full rulebook PDF, Spreads (best for computer monitors)
  • Full rulebook PDF, Pages (best for phone or tablet viewing)
  • Full rulebook as a text-only PDF, Pages
  • Character sheet PDF
  • Character sheet PNG (available on the sidebar [eventually!])

Content Warning(s): violence, bodily harm, war, uncanny valley, disease, societal collapse, post-apocalyptic themes

Supplies Needed: at least one six-sided die (d6) per person (but more would be handy), pencils, character sheets, and these rules

Game Length: 2-4 hours

Roots of Sapience.exe

Other than a couple of small non-game zines, this is the first Chubby Crow Games title to be created without using a pre-existing game system. However, this game is a spiritual successor of Therefore iAm, which was created for the first Rise Jam back in the beginning of 2023 (a lifetime ago!). 

While Sapience.exe does not use the RISE SRD, it would never have existed if I hadn't first written Therefore iAm. I want to give a shoutout, and my personal thanks, to WuDeRPG, the creator of the RISE SRD, as well as several fantastic Rise games. Please check out their itch page; there are some fantastic titles there!

Human Made

This work was made by a human. While this project includes fictional AI, no AI or Machine Generated works are included in this project. Supporting this project means you are supporting a real human being who has dreams, passions, & bills. Thanks to HINOKODO for the Human Made icon.

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