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In the Beginning...

Before matter, before time, before thought, there was  the Void for an eternity. Amidst the endless chaos emerged the Cosmos, never ending realities spanning infinity, bordering the Void at the Perpendicular Intersection.

As soon as existence began, the Void reached out its Tendrils, touching living creatures and corrupting them. They became the Voidwards, whose only goal was the reclamation of realities into the Void.

The Riviners Guild

The Riviners Guild was formed in the early days of existence, and they worked for eons to drive the chaos back from whence it arose. One thousand millennia ago, they succeeded. 

For 998 millennia, they kept the Cosmos safe, and ensured the Voidwards never crossed into any reality. But mutiny brought devastation to the Riviners Guild 2000 years ago, allowing the Void's tendrils to seep into the infinite realities once more.  

A mystic named Barrit scoured the Cosmos to find any remaining traces of the fallen Guild, and founded the New Riviners Guild to take up their mission.

She began searching for recruits,  and the first that she found was…


The first of the New Riviners. One million years ago, after eons of fighting, the Riviners Guild successfully banished the corrupt Voidwards from the infinite Cosmos.

And it's time to do it all over again.

What's Included?

  • The full rulebook laid out in individual pages
  • The full rulebook laid out in spreads (side-by-side pages)
  • The full rulebook as a printable zine
  • The full rulebook as text-only
  • The character sheet as a PDF file
  • The character sheet as a PNG file
  • Printable Play Packet that includes the Character Sheet and Hexmap

Content Warning(s): violence, death, possession, corruption, body horror, mass extinction, destruction of worlds, destruction of realities, tentacles/tendrils, existential dread, cosmic danger, dimensional travel.

Supplies Needed: a deck of playing cards with the jokers removed, two six-sided dice (2d6), paper for writing log entries, hexmap and character sheet, scrap paper for notes, a token (coin, pebble, d4, something else).   

Game Length: 2+ hours.

Guided by Firelights

The Firelights SRD, also called the Firelights Creator Kit, opens up the unique system to all who wish to build upon it, whether that be expanding upon the base setting or creating an entirely new one.

This game, Voidwards, takes the latter route. While the themes are similar to Firelights, the world and your character within it are very different. 

I strongly encourage you to check out the submissions to the Firelights Jam to see what other talented creators have done with this system!

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Thank you for the game, additional things make it even more engaging.


Thank you so much! I really enjoyed working on this one, and I love using hexmaps, so it was a lot of fun to make.