It's been a while! Here's some TNDC news <3

Why hello there, Beholders!

TL;DR: There's gonna be a new edition of TNDC coming that will be using the Lumen system! I hadn't heard of it when I made this game, and mechanically, it's a match made in heaven. Read on to hear my ramblings on the subject :) 

TL:DR part deux: I will be adding a price after I make the new edition. TNDC is currently free; if you already own it, or pick it up before I publish the Lumen version, you'll get that for free as well!

The Neverending Dungeons of Chaos was one of my earliest projects - if memory serves, it was the third game I published. At the time (January of this year), I'd only made Dungeon Crashers (another Caltrop Core game), and Alone on the Wind (a solo journaling game). I was still inexperienced and wanted to stick with what I knew, so I tapped the incredibly versatile Caltrop Core engine once again to make my fresh idea; a rogue-like dungeon crawling tabletop rpg.

And it worked! I had a lot of fun, I got to stretch my creative muscles, and I got to push the fairly new Caltrop Core in some really exciting ways. I created enemy stats and loot drops and weapons for each class. I used three stats to keep the action moving quickly. Each class also got unique abilities. The beauty of Caltrop Core is that it can handle whatever you wanna throw at it, as long as you've got the gumption.

As I was nearing completion of TNDC, I stumbled across the Dying MMO Jam, and I thought it would be fun to shift focus a bit to fit that theme. This had a good effect, and a bad one: the good is that it finally pushed me to finish the game; the bad is that I rushed it, and forced some awkward mechanics that didn't fit the original theme. I said I'd come back and work on it some time, but I was a li'l baby game designer back then, and I had no idea how distracted I would get by other projects.

And then learned about Lumen by the fantastically talented Gila RPGs.

Everything I had made for TNDC - enemies acting at the end of a round, loot tables, weapons, class-based abilities, three stats - existed in Lumen, and in a beautifully polished package! I'm honestly embarrassed to admit that it's taken me THIS LONG to realize that Lumen was the perfect f it for TNDC, but I got here eventually.

What does this mean? Well, it means I'll be creating an Illuminated Edition of TNDC (TNDC: IE? eh, we'll work on the name later). I'm a bit more confident these days (and I even have a little bit of pride, surprisingly!), so I'll be adding a price to the Illuminated Edition. In other words, it won't be free anymore. There will still be Community Copies available, and importantly, anybody who currently owns the Dying MMO Jam version will get the Illuminated Edition for free! After it's released, however, it will have a price tag attached. So if you don't own this game yet, feel free to pick it up before it costs money ;)


I think I rambled enough, don't you? I'm gonna add a TL;DR at the top, because I don't think anyone's going to read this. :3 If you made it this far, how 'bout you leave me a comment telling me you're one of my biggest (and only!) fans? And maybe consider giving TNDC a rating? I'll love you forever, I promise.


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LUMEN would be a perfect choice for this, absolutely!

Thank you! It means a lot to get that kind of feedback and support :) It was honestly uncanny when I realized how much I had already been making a LUMEN-like game without having heard of LUMEN XD