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Introducing the one and only award winning twelve-word poem-based business card-sized TTRPG, CUPS: the Comprehensive Universal Poem System!!!

CUPS is one of the most approachable universal systems to date. With flexible rules that allow for solo or group play, and a system that can be transposed into any setting, CUPS reaches across all genres and gets to the heart of dice-based ttrpgs; the dice. 

 Player Count: 1 - infinity
Ages: All
Dice: Any that have numerical values on the faces
Game Time: 5 minutes - 10+ hours

Buckle up: it's about to get CUPS in here.

Here's what people are saying about CUPS: the Comprehensive Universal Poem System:


Now an Award Winner!

Winner of the prestigious Sprinty Award,
"The Most Legitimate Award In Gaming"!

Licensing Information

This work by Chubby Crow Games is licensed under the Creative Comrades License Agreement 1.0.

If you would like to create content using the system presented in CUPS: the Comprehensive Universal Poem System, all you need to do is give credit. If you copy the text below, you'll be all set.

This work is based on CUPS by Chubby Crow Games and is licensed for use under CCLA 1.0.

If you use the logo provided, simply add:

CUPS Logo provided by Chubby Crow Games and used with permission.

You're not required to tweet at me or message me, but I'd love to know if you make something for CUPS!


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CUPS (full rulebook [pages, landscape]) PDF 42 kB
CUPS PNG page 01 75 kB
CUPS PNG page 02 73 kB
CUPS Logos.zip 35 kB

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Really awesome, compact, and flexible system! I want to make a game with it!

Oh my gosh please do! I would be honored.


Absolutely glorious. 

Ingenious system? 

You're victorious!

Liscnce info this seems to lack? 

Fore I have CUPlets I wish to hack!


Ne'er had I read sweeter words than these here.
Ne'er were kinder things heard by my ear.

Give me a moment, a short breath, a pause.
Let me atone for my dreadful faux pas.

(1 edit) (+2)

Go now! to the page; go see and behold!
Below the description, a license so bold!

Create as you wish, without a restraint -
I hope I have solved this license complaint!

(Read this devlog or check out the page - it's been updated! https://harper-jay.itch.io/cups/devlog/480503/cups-licensed-under-ccla-10)

This is truly amazing! Thank you.

Working on stuff now.

I would suggest also entering this in the Forever Open Source Jam.


Thank you for the suggestion! It has been submitted. :)

I'd love to see whatever you make!


Awesome scenes. I have been doing layout today on a supplement called Cuplets, it has some optional rules and adventure seeds in couplets, NPCs in haiku and I'm I just need to finish the item acrostics and finish layout, so hopefully next couple of days (I'm Brina/ RatGrrrl Games by the way. This is my old creator/ current customer account and I often forget which one I'm using)


This is a very rough WIP of Cuplets https://at.tumblr.com/ratgrrrlgames/some-more-wip-and-stuff/92fzr9zpdyri 


Oh. My. Goodness. That looks gorgeous! I don't even have words. I'm so excited for Cuplets!!!


Cannot believe you managed to fit this into a poem, ingenious! :D

Truly I surprised myself!


Wow, such a simple elegant system with unlimited possibilities!


Aw shucks thank you!