Updated Name!

Hullo! I've made a couple of changes to the cover of this game, but the game itself remains the same.

I'm currently working on a Carta game that has the same theme as this one, but with more robust mechanics. For a while I was calling this game "As the Crow Flies, Alone on the Wind edition", and the Carta game was going to be "As the Crow Flies, Carta edition".

I think we can all agree that those names are a bit ... clunky.

So, since this game is based on "Along Among the Stars", this game will officially be known as "Alone on the Wind" from here on out! And when I release my Carta game, it will be called "As the Crow Flies". They'll have similar themes and art, but having separate names will at least keep me from stressing too much.

Thank you to the 50 people who have already downloaded my little baby crow game, and thanks to everyone who downloads it in the future! I love you all <3



Alone on the Wind v1.0.pdf 2 MB
Mar 02, 2022

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